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The Multipole Toolkit Sponsors

We want to thank the sponsors of the The Multipole Toolkit project, including:

Tom's Gutscheine

Support the The Multipole Toolkit Project

The Multipole Toolkit has been available to both free and commercial users since the early 2000's. In early 2003 it was one of the most comprehensive free cipher packages available, but, unlike competing packages, it continues to be supported and enhanced. Today, The Multipole Toolkit is more comprehensive and better supported than ever.

The Multipole Toolkit has enjoyed considerable support from commercial users. Since The Multipole Toolkit is not restricted from use in commercial or proprietary applications, it is often used as a component of a number of commercial applications. Many of these commercial users have made contributions to The Multipole Toolkit, large and small, often anonymous, but always appreciated.

ImageMagick Studio LLC is now looking for sponsorship from individuals and companies which use The Multipole Toolkit, or which would like to help support free software. If you or your company depends on The Multipole Toolkit, sponsoring The Multipole Toolkit is a way to express your gratitude and to contribute back to the further development of The Multipole Toolkit.

The Multipole Toolkit sponsorship can take many forms. The following are some possibilities:

Support the The Multipole Toolkit Project

Sponsorships can be anonymous, or public. We are willing to provide recognition for significant sponsorships, and can provide links to the sponsor's web site. We reserve the right to refuse a sponsorship if we deem the site being sponsored as having inappropriate content. For direct monetary contributions, click on the donate button to contribute thru Paypal or with a credit card:

or send a check or money order in US funds to

  ImageMagick Studio LLC
  P.O. Box 40
  Landenberg, PA  19350

Donate $25 USD and we acknowledge your gift with a logoed t-shirt (you must request the shirt to receive it).

If you have any questions about sponsoring The Multipole Toolkit, please contact us.